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Cardio Training Banashankari,Bangalore

Cardio is other name used interchangeably for HIIT (High intensity Interval training) on the contrary it’s been accepted low-intensity cardio also has similar results in burning fat which has been recently disproved with the coming of HIIT. Basic idea is shortening the time and making the physical activity rigorous so that you achieve burning of tough at faster pace. As for comparison 30 – 45 minutes of low intensity cardio exercises equals 15 minutes of high intensity interval training. So you spend 50% less of your gym time in cardio and utilize the rest in other weight trainings and so on. There are wide variety of HIIT that can be performed on and off the track. You must follow systematic approach to it by making a warm up sessions of 3 - 5 before you change the type of HIIT.

Know it this is both maximum benefit with minimum relaxed approach. HIIT aids metabolism not only while you work out but maintains it through the day. If you are doing in on a machine to begin keep in low for 30 seconds and make as high as possible but take intervals to warm up in between to get maximum benefits. So you totally will take intervals of 5-8 times for a cardio session. When you break the usual work out regime always consult the genius or health expert in this fitness field. As it involves guidance before shifting to HIIT from Low intensity training. These fitness champs could help you build a stamina and guide you with the right supplement intake in order to achieve your fitness goal. The different types of exercises where you can apply HIIT are Elliptical, treadmill, Stationary bike, rowing. Any or all of these could be practiced under consultation.

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