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Circuit Training Banashankari,Bangalore

Circuit training is high underrated workout in achieving fitness and body shape. The main reasons for its non-attractions with the body builders as these trainings are hard to train and also the goals are attained at shorter period. Which does not serve their purpose in any way, making their job difficult and complicated. Basic understanding of Circuit training is simply to practice one exercise after the another in a particular patter. It can be every workout that happens in a gym right from weight lifting to aerobics and even anaerobic exercise. The only condition is that these workouts have to be performed with very little or no rest in between each exercise. The mechanism circuit training employs is to burn fat faster by high hormone generation (Lactic Acid). Unlike the usual cardio which takes ages to burn fat. Hence circuit training replaces the cardio training to get body shape that you desired for years. Circuit training is alternate between upper and lower body with higher repetition in circuit fashion usually. The different exercise types are Squats, Military press, Deadlifts, Rows, Power Cleans, Bench Press, Lunges, Chins and include GPP (General Physical Preparedness). Circuit training is for everyone who wants to include it at only workout or as extra session its ultimately going to save time and performance in building your desired body composition with simple tricks. As no rest between exercise and 2 minutes’ rest between circuit and repeating the same two times.

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