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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Training Banashankari,Bangalore

Its wondrous for every woman to reclaim her pre pregnancy body once the little one arrives. With all the responsibilities that a baby comes with, squeezing in time for your exercise for weight loss could be challenging. Having said that early start, soon after 6 - 12 weeks after postpartum checkup is ideally when you should actually check in the calorie count of intake. While you are breastfeeding and taking care of baby your hormones play with your emotions leaving you very exhaustive and inactive to exercise at times. The sooner the better is the key that should help you shape up to pre pregnancy weight in six months. Don’t kill yourself if that’s taking longer. To overcome such problems, it’s advisable to always start slowly and pace up gradually. In addition to understanding your workout plan for weight loss also give in efforts to know your and baby body requirements. Do not starve to reduce weight have healthy diet meals as your baby depends completely on you for survival along with basic exercise like walking. Fluids intake has to be sufficient and stop when its stressing. A bare minimum of 1800 to 2200 calories is required for nursing mom per day. Going for low fat and high fiber foods and lots of raw vegetables for healthy snacking. Making smart choices like consume good fat rather than bad fat. Our nutritional expert can help you in understanding these smart choices to make. Watch the calories intake ideally for breastfeeding mom 2200 calories is required and for non-breastfeeding mom 1800 calories per day is required.

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